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Shortest distance between Galata and Pera. The world’s second oldest subway. The first step of İstanbul subway, inspiration of all subways, planned to be constructed. Turkey’s first build-operate-transfer model. The legacy of the Ottoman Empire, decree by Sultan Abdulaziz. Gift of French engineer Eugene Henri Gavand to Istanbul. The work of hundreds. Best friend of the nostalgic tram. The indispensable of Istanbul residents. The machine, whose value is recognized in its absence, is working like a clockwork since 1875, with almost ziro risk of accident: TÜNEL.French engineer, Henri Gavand, came to Istanbul as a tourist in 1860’s, realized that the people are climbing the slope of Yüksekkaldırım, in sweat, and a railway project between Galata, the banking center, and Pera, the center of social life, might be very useful and very profitable. He started to work. Directly into the presence of Sultan Abdülaziz. After long negotiations, he took the privilege of construction Tünel. As a result of the work of hundreds of workers, Tünel was constructed and opened with a magnificent ceremony.At that time, Tünel shortened the distance between Suriçi, whose population was predominantly Muslim, and Galata, in which mostly non-Muslim population lived. The lives started to intertwine. In the meantime, Yüksekkaldırım slope ceased to be the only alternative. People became aware of the blessings of technology. Tünel made life easier. It became the beginning of public transportation culture. Even in a short distance, the people started to meet and chat. Over time, Tünel regulars emerged. Some passengers routinized to take the first voyage. A warm and special dialogue was established among such first-voyage-passengersTünel developed in time. In 1971, it was completely renovated and converted from steam power to electricity, but the story of this cute and warm ninety second voyage stayed the same. We salute all the heroes of this story, which celebrates 138th anniversary. We are proud of Tünel, a valuable brand of IETT, and we look forward to have many more years to come.

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