İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor

There are concepts which left their marks on each century; the concepts of this century are development and change. Our country is being developed and in parallel, the time is also changing. Our Istanbul is changing as our country. Very well said that such development and 

change can be felt in Istanbul as well.
While our Metropolitan Municipality makes huge investments with considerable budgets, IETT make every effort to make the public transportation faster, more comfortable and of high quality.
Recently, Istanbul, the world’s center of attraction, has been mentioned in local and foreign media. Beyoğlu-Tünel, which are Istanbul’s center of attraction, continue to be the focus of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Tünel area that always managed to attract intellectuals and those who like to experience popular culture, excels with stylish cafes, entertainment venues, art galleries and historical texture.Tünel owes such characteristic to Sultan Abdülaziz and French engineer Eugene Henri Gavand, 138 years ago. Getting the necessary permits was not an easy job. Eventually, on January, 1875, Tünel has been put into service and became the world’s second subway after London’s. In the early years of the Republic, Tünel, which was  in a great demand as a public transport, carried almost 10 million passengers between 1924-1929. Its fee has been paid and nationalized in 1939, then it became a part of IETT.
The type of the station at Tünel Square, which was named after it, changed, cars changed, turnstiles changed but after going around in the historical peninsula, eating fish in Eminönü and watching the amazing panorama, then having the pleasure of taking Tünel from Karaköy don’t seem to change for a long time. Still, for the people, the answer of the question “which is the most enjoyable ride in Istanbul” is ‘Tünel’. There are paths, stretch miles long, there are 
paths, taken in a blink of an eye. The path is the travel itself. Travelling in Tünel, is the life itself
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