Tunnel’s Opening Ceremony

 The opening ceremony was held on January 17, 1875. A great ceremony was held on the occasion. The ceremony would start at noon, but before that, a large crowd came together at Galata and Beyoğlu. People were waiting for the ceremony and watching the top level guests, coming to the ceremony with cars and on foot. Despite winter season, the weather was quite nice. There was a large number of Turkish women in the audience. Inside and outside of Beyoğlu station were exceptionally nicely decorated. Orchestra was playing, officers were running about, but the noise of machines were suppressing all other noises.

The Ottaman Empire was represented by Ethem Paşa, Minister of Public Works and Kabuli Paşa, Minister of Finance, Kayserili Ahmet Paşa, Minister of the Navy , Hüsnü Paşa, Minister of Law Enforcement, Kemal Paşa, Minister of Awqaf , Rüstem Pasha, the governor of Lebanon , Galip Bey, Director of the Customs, Kadri Bey, İstanbul Mayor, Rıfat Bey, from Ministry of Justice, Parnis Efendi, from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beyoğlu Tenant and Galata District Governor were present at the ceremony. Foreign delegations took place in the ceremony at the highest level. Philip Francis, British Consul was present on behalf of Henry Elliot, the
English Ambassador, while the other ambassadors were present in person. 
In this context, Count Zichy, Austrian Ambassador, Baron de Werther, German Ambassador , Ignatieff, Russian Ambassador, General Muhsin Han, Iranian ambassador and the representatives of France, Belgium and Italy governments participated in the ceremony. In addition, well-known personalities in financial and commercial areas were also in the ceremony.
Tünel company was represented by İstanbul representative Baron de Ferlekersahbm, General Manager William Albert and other officials. However, a major shortcoming was easily observed. Henri Gavand, the originator of the project, who obtained the required licenses and almost performed the construction alone, was not at the ceremony. It was understood that he resented to be stayed out when he would reap the benefits of his efforts. The opening ceremony started with transportation of the guests between Beyoğlu and Galata. Music accompanied them. The cars were designed as first and second class and illuminated. In the front car, there was a platform for carrying belongings, animals and carts in this car. A slight coolness was present in Tünel. Towards one o’clock, the guests were given a sumptuous meal at Beyoğlu station. 
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